Meditation Course, Samadhi, Enlightenment, Illumination…

One of the differences between the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course and a normal meditation Course is that Energy Enhancement is experiential – you get direct experience of psychic powers, blockages, visions of past lives, a direct experience of reality which leads on to a steady practice of Blockage removal and so, on towards freedom and liberation in this lifetime.

One of the ways to understand this is to read the experiences, the Reports of our Students on the Energy Enhancement Course which are available in two or three large pages on the site.
They all say the same thing, that Energy Enhancement works and with Energy Enhancement you can move along your path of spirituality faster than with any other path.


The teachers, Satchidanand and Devi Dhyani have been teaching Energy Enhancement now for twenty-two years and have much experience with students and with meditation. They come from a line of Masters who initia


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